We approach things differently. Emerging from a combined 50 years of construction and finance knowledge and hands-on experience, HMI was formed with one primary objective: SUCCESS

Well-known RCI Construction Group, one of Washington’s largest civil/industrial construction companies, was founded and operated by HMI Chairman Mark Robison for nearly 30 years. Realizing the risk in construction and with a keen eye for opportunity, Mark also branched out into environmental work, railways, and even paper, to name a few.  Upon the sale of RCI to Parsons, Mark, recognizing the abundance of opportunities in property development and investment possibilities, formed HMI.

From redevelopment of existing properties to building from the ground up, and from investing in start-up companies to acquiring existing businesses, HMI has created a proven track record of ventures representing exemplary quality and profitability, even through economic times.


Robison Construction, Inc (RCI), founded in 1973 by Mark Robison, was a leader in the heavy civil and industrial construction industry in Washington, building miles of the state’s infrastructure. The company quickly expanded its capabilities.


HighMark Medical Center is a 46,000 SF Class A medical office facility that is the first medical office building in Issaquah to receive the LEED Gold designation for its use of recycled materials, Green Cleaning and Integrated Pest Management plan.


Realizing immediate value from its IoT technology, elevat offers the world’s first out-of-the-box solution for managing intelligent assets in real-time.


Most fast-growing companies aspire to global leadership in their industries. They often start as insurgents: fast, agile, adaptable. They are focused on customers and their markets and deride complexity. We focus on the long term and what is best for each endeavor we take on. HMI strives to be forward thinking and plan for the future.


HMI established partnerships with world class leaders to better serve today’s business needs. Through our ecosystem and long track record we have a amassed a network of specialized services and capabilities that complement our expertise and help achieve breakthrough results.

Mark W. Robison, The Chairman. One of Mark’s greatest strengths is visualizing a project or business venture through the eyes of possibility. Whether it be a property development project, investing in an existing business or purchasing a new one, Mark sees opportunity and possibility in virtually every scenario. Through HMI, he makes those possibilities a reality.

He began on Delridge Way in West Seattle at an undesirable address. Through dedication and hard work he went onto play football for the University of Hawaii. On his return to Western Washington Mark literally started in the ditches digging out the infrastructure for what would become RCI Construction Group – a small shop that eventually branched out into other industries with a footprint spanning Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and the Pacific Islands. While growing one of the largest construction companies at the time he was also a key player in several other companies, all of which are vastly different in their products and target market/industry; Safeworks, Northwest Container, Housevalues.com, to name a few.

Patty Nelson, Director or Real Estate Operations. Cool under pressure. One of Patty’s greatest strengths is her ability to wear many hats simultaneously – from the initial stages of project development to the management of commercial properties and negotiation.

Patty began at RCI in 2000 where she was involved in operations and the management of several properties. Over the course of 13 years with HMI, Patty’s efforts have focused on all aspects related to the management of its commercial properties including lease negotiations, facilities maintenance and special projects. Patty strives to provide high quality, responsive client service with emphasis on creating a strong rapport with clients resulting in the building of a foundation for long term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Sue Engledow, Controller. Always in control, Sue is the ultimate multi-tasker, managing HMI and all of its investments.

Sue began at RCI in 1994 where she started in accounts payable; through her attention to detail, work ethic and knack for all things finance she quickly worked her way through staff accountant to Assistant Controller. In her more than 12 years with HMI she has managed all financial aspects for the company, including investment companies and development properties. Sue has also worked with HMI investment companies to set up their financial frameworks, put their financial systems into place and train the new team on how to operate successfully.

“Paying it forward because I started from nothing. We invest time and capital on an international scale to give back and move life forward.”

– Mark Robison, Chairman, HMI


We approach giving a little differently. Emerging from a combined 50 years of construction and finance knowledge and hands-on experience, we have one primary objective: GIVING BACK.

HMI and the Robison family invest time and capital into organizations and causes which move life forward. Humble beginnings have led to a “pay it forward” philosophy resulting in the support of a variety of endowment opportunities.

UW Medicine

Contributing directly to benefit Neurovascular Development, HMI appreciates the countless hours of research and development dedicated to the innovation of groundbreaking technology and procedures. We understand the importance of research to improving neurosurgical care delivery and patient outcomes.

Overlake Medical Center

Providing funding to a variety of departments within the Overlake Medical Center and its family of clinics, we recognize the importance of a world class medical center on the Eastside and the services they provide. In 2018 Mark and Sheri Robison were honored to chair Overlake’s primary annual fundraising event, Bandage Ball, which generated record breaking corporate sponsorship amounts.

Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific

Treating patients experiencing physical and cognitive disabilities, we are pleased to support REHAB’s mission to provide care and support for those working diligently to gain and obtain independence and a high level of quality of life. In 2011 the Robison family was honored with the recognition of The Robison Family Innovation Center, a specialized rehab center which emphasizes new innovative techniques and equipment, including exoskeleton robotics.

REHAB Hospital of the Pacific is dedicated to rebuilding the lives of those with physical and cognitive disabilities from injury or disease, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, complex orthopedics, chronic pain and more. It is the only premier, acute-care rehabilitation hospital in Hawaii and the Pacific. The team there is committed to helping individuals be as independent as possible and getting back to doing things they love. The hospital ranks among the top rehabilitation hospitals in the U. S. and consistently helps patients safely return home and to the community quicker than the national average.